dahliablue (dahliablue) wrote in fibromyalgia,

Severe Cold Intolerance

Do any of you have a severe cold intolerance that was diagnosed as a fibro symptom first, but found to be caused by something else?

I have a very severe cold intolerance. When I say severe, I mean my body does not warm up on its own whatsoever. I wake up freezing. I use heat pads to warm up (even in summer). The temps have to be 85 F. or above for me to warm. Anything lower and I get the shakes, severe headaches, pins and needles feeling in my extremities and I feel terrible lethargy and brain fog. I also have increased joint and muscle pain and limited mobility when I'm cold.

In the summer, I have to wear socks indoors and sometimes I use blankets when I'm in my air conditioned house (I share it, so I can't have it as warm as I need). I have to carry jackets to wear in public places because the A/C causes so many problems for me. It takes a lot for me to sweat. I can stand on summer sun-heated concrete for several minutes before I even feel the heat (and by that time, I've burnt the soles of my feet, but didn't feel it). People around me say they wish they had my problem because they hate the heat. What they don't seem to realize it that I'm in pain and discomfort all the time because of this problem.

My GP and rheumie cleared me of autoimmune diseases that I suspected could be the cause. They told me it's "just fibro" and to basically live with it. But the intolerance is actually getting worse. With fall and winter approaching here, I'm not looking forward to the crippling effects those have on my health because of this cold sensitivity. I'm wondering what I should be looking into test wise to see what my docs might have missed.

Thanks for any help.
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