Trinity (trinity85) wrote in fibromyalgia,

Eating disorders and fibromyalgia.

So I struggled with anorexia really bad when I was like 16/17 in 2002. The following year, my doctor said I was "recovered" but I still have anorexic thoughts. Thus, it's hard for me to want to continuously take medication that is used to treat fibro b/c a lot of them have side effects of weight gain. I actually had started to lose a few pounds when I first became ill. Then I blew up once I started to take Elavil/amitriptyline. I've been taking it off and on since 2008. I always stop when I feel like I've gotten too big. I hate how it makes me constantly hungry. I feel like I'm eating for two or three. And it doesn't help THAT much with the pain so I feel it's not worth it to get fat over minimal effects.

Are there any meds out there that DON'T cause weight gain? I hate to admit it but I'd rather be in pain than to let myself get huge. Granted, I've never been more than a few pounds overweight (if that) in my life but I still worry. And I can't really exercise to lose the weight b/c I'm in pain. And the meds I was on made me so lethargic that I wouldn't even want to work out. I've been taking iron and magnesium pills on the regular for the past week or so but I think they are making me nauseous. Ugh.

I was on Tramadol for awhile and that helped with the pain well enough and was a good appetite suppressant but it had too many side effects that I didn't like. Oh well.
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