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I developed sciatic pain in both legs yesterday. I was also having a… 
12th-Oct-2013 06:54 am
I developed sciatic pain in both legs yesterday. I was also having a hard time getting enough air. Low blood pressure and circulatory issues (this caused a joint to die in my foot resulting in an eventual replacement in the early 90's) are part of my life. Diagnosed with FMS 2-1/2 years ago. IBS and TMJ are my close companions.

This morning I started a search for dual sciatica, as I had only thought it happened in one leg. Bilateral sciatica is a new term for me. Swell.

This is my question: I came across this - http://www.cure-back-pain.org/ and this http://www.amazon.com/The-Great-Pain-Deception-Medical/dp/0615462219/ref=wl_mb_hu_m_3_dp, and I wondered if anyone had any experiences or opinions on this concept.

The idea being psychosomatic. Mind-body connection. As a yoga teacher of 9 years, I firmly believe in the connection. I just never really followed this exact trail of information before.

The word psychosomtic is a stigma-word, but I don't buy into it. Just like I don't believe 'selfish' to be a bad thing. Selfish is a neutral word. We need to be moderately selfish so that we have more energy to be selfless.

Is my pain all in my head? Well, of course it is. Brain chemistry. I'm not going to get all defensive on that aspect. Am I suppressing emotional pain? Oh yeah, absolutely. The too-often trio of abuse for countless people - sexual/emotion/physical. Am I overly sensitive to life in general? Yup. My Momma always said "you're too sensitive". I always thought the world was 'too INsensitive'. I wish more people were sensitive.

I will probably get this book just to explore the idea. The mind IS very powerful. It is also tricky and sneaky. It is like dealing with a corporation - too many departments not knowing what the other is doing ;)

As always, life is one great big exploration ...

17th-Jan-2014 04:37 am (UTC)
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