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Welcome. This community has been created for people that are suffering and surviving fibromyalgia. All are welcome. That means patients, spouse/significant others, medical professionals, and people wanting to learn more. This is for sharing our daily struggles and pain and good days.

Recently we had to make some rules and here they are:


No spamming community with items for sale.
No spamming in general!
If you want to promote something ask a moderator first. There's a community on LJ just for promotion. community_promo Check it out.
No meds trading.
If you're going to cross post, you don't have to mention it in your actual post.
Stay on topic.
Please do not use any type of font formatting tags (color/typeface). Plain text is sufficient.
Do not disable comments.

I don't want to be the bad cop here but we have to have some ground rules. I'm just looking out for the community and people as a whole. I really don't want to have to moderate individual posts either. We've got a great community here. I want to keep it that way.

Are you a new person to the community or just looking for info within the community? Here's an easy way to do a search.


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